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Our programmers worked directly with chiropractors and chiropractic staff members to create a product built to their specifications. Years of testing and refinement led to the development of an easy-to-use, affordable tool with the capability to serve as an automated assistant for over-worked doctors.

This flexible application can help you:

  • Lower patient no-show rates through automated text message reminders
  • Generate patient reviews
  • Reschedule missed patient appointments 
  • Serve as an ambassador to new patients by providing a personalized message and location navigation. 
  • Send birthday messages to patients with optional special offers
  • Create targeted patient recall campaigns
  • Announce new services and products

Improving the Patient Experience

If you’ve ever tried calling your patient with a reminder or to reschedule an appointment, then you probably know most people don’t answer their phones! It can be nearly impossible to reach someone in a timely manner. Spammers have changed how we handle unfamiliar phone calls. And emails aren’t a lot better. However, with Text Easy Pro you can send a message to a patient and they can respond easily with a click of a button.

In addition, you’ll be able to stay in touch with inactive patients through thoughtful birthday messages or new service announcements.  Quite often, a simple reminder will result in patient reactivations. 

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Get more New Chiropractic Patients

Online reviews are key to getting more new chiropractic patients. They are one of the fastest ways to establish professional credibility and to make a good first impression. The stats are staggering… 90% (or more) of consumers read online reviews. And it seems that 71% of patients rely on online reviews to find a new doctor. To add to the mix, just under 50% of people believe the quantity of reviews matter. 

Fortunately it’s easy to get more online reviews with our automated review request feature. And not just any reviews.. 4 and 5 star reviews. Additionally,  our program will help you filter out low or  mediocre reviews and give you the opportunity address patient concerns. 

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What chiropractors are saying

Doctors share their own words about how this effective chiropractic marketing tool transformed their practices. 

Our patients have come to rely on our automated appointment reminders. It's cut our no-show rate in half and made it much easier for us to handle our inbound phone calls. We've noticed patients respond much faster to a text message vs a phone call or email.
Garland Chiropractor James Mixon DC referral
Dr. James Mixon, DC
This program really has become a trusted assistant. It's saved me so much time it's like I'm doing the work of two people. It's also improved patient satisfaction. Highly recommended!
Dallas Chiropractor Jan Trottier review
Dr. Janine Trottier, DC
Trottier Chiropractic Center
This program has been great for our office! Not only have we had less no-show patients, but our patients have raved about how easy it is to contact us and vice versa. It's also helped us increase our patient reviews which had been lacking. It's easy to use and definitely a benefit to any clinic!
Dr. Dodson testimonial
Dr. Tyanna Dodson, DC