5 Ways to Grow Your Chiropractic Practice through Texting

chiropractic-patient-textingIn a chiropractic practice, communication is integral to building and maintaining customer relationships. You’re probably accustomed to reaching your patients through email and phone calls. But less than 20% of emails in the chiropractic industry are opened, and, these days, with the rise of robocalls, people find phone calls unpleasant and intrusive.

Texting provides the perfect opportunity to connect with your patients on the devices they carry at any given moment. If you’re under the impression that texting won’t resonate with your target audience, think again.

Texting tends to be associated with the young, but it’s quickly becoming the communication method of choice among people of all ages. Over 86% of Americans aged 50+ communicate via text, with those between the ages of 50 to 69 preferring it to email. Regardless of age, everyone wants to engage socially, and texting is the ultimate way to do so.

But texting isn’t just another communication tool to add to your arsenal. Text messaging is a powerful solution that can grow your chiropractic practice and increase your bottom line. Here’s how.

1. Be Your Patients Personal Assistant
Patients miss appointments simply because they forget. And, quite often, they’re unlikely to return after missing an appointment. Instead of calling and emailing reminders, just text them.

You need to send reminders that will catch their attention without interrupting their day. Unlike email and phone calls, approximately 99% of texts are read. Text reminders improve no-show rates by up to 50%, and they’re easy to schedule in advance and automate.

2. Use Text Messaging to Gather Reviews
In today’s market, reviews are the lifeblood of any business. Positive online reviews draw customers and help them trust your business. But getting patients to leave their feedback on online platforms can be difficult unless you make it as easy as possible.

You can use text messaging to request and receive reviews by providing a link to a review platform, such as Google Places. This way, you’ll build a better reputation faster and successfully attract new chiropractic patients.

3. Use SMS Chat to Draw In New Patients
Patients typically vet chiropractors through their websites. How do you make sure they pick you? By providing quick and efficient communication. People would rather text than call or email, and this applies to businesses too. So, patients are more likely to reach out when you advertise that you respond to texts on your website.

Services such as SMS chat allow you to easily communicate with your patients directly from your website and continue the conversation via text. Text messaging can be used to connect with new patients and answer any questions they may have about appointments dates or the insurances you accept. It’s a great way to engage with patients and drive up conversions.

4. Fill Your Calendar
Let patient’s text you to set up their appointments. Easy appointment scheduling leads to more appointments. You can even use text messaging to recall dormant patients and encourage them to schedule an appointment.

Texting patients creates a better customer experience which earns you points in their eyes. They’re more likely to recommend your business when you prioritize their comfort. You want your patients to reach you easily when they need to schedule emergency treatments, or in case they need pain management advice.

5. Retain Your Patients
The key to retaining patients is to provide excellent care, and this extends beyond their sessions. You’ll need to encourage them to make progress on their own.

Sending exercise routines via text will help them with their progress and keep your practice top of mind. The great thing about texting is that you can easy to open video links. In addition, they’re more likely to keep their subsequent appointments when they see positive results.

Grow Your Reputation, Grow Your Practice
Texting is a personable way to engage and interact with your customers. Your customers are texting, so why aren’t you?